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Sen. Maralyn Chase

Washington State Legislature

Senator Maralyn Chase is honored to represent the views and values of the citizens of the 32nd Legislative District.  She is guided by a firm commitment to principles of sustainability, justice and fairness and the Golden Rule. Senator Chase is the new Democratic Chair of the Senate Economic Development and International Trade Committee having served on this committee in both the House and the Senate. She is experienced in the business world having operated a successful general and specialty contracting business for 25 years with her daughter. Senator Chase is especially sensitive to the dislocation experienced by people who lose their jobs to automation; Maralyn knows the dedication and discipline required of firms to operate in an ever-changing environment. She brings her deep understanding of the impact of economic dislocation in our communities is crafting public policies for our state. Whether driven by technology or taxes, Senator Chase knows how to confront the injustices that can occur in a changing work environment. She believes that how we earn our living to provide for basic necessities for our families, and for our seniors – the vulnerable among us – is fundamental to responsible governing. Senator Chase understands the concepts of “Education for Vocation” and “Education for Advocation” as written many years ago by John Dewey. The system of public education developed over the past 250 years must be sustained for future students rather than dismantled for the profit aspirations of the few. Senator Chase has taught political science and social theory at the University of Washington. The University of Washington’s Political Science Department awarded Maralyn the Distinguished Alumni of 2008 for her outstanding contributions to the understanding political economy. She worked with the Seattle Urban League to bring open housing to all areas of Puget Sound and to increase the housing stock available to middle and low income citizens. She uses the example set by Singapore in developing a model for housing their people as an example of how the State of Washington could do away with homelessness – just as Singapore has done. Senator Chase serves as Washington State Delegate to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), is a member of OPEIU, Local 8, numerous community groups, and the 32nd District Democrats.