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Evan Reis

U.S. Resiliency Council
Director, PE, SE, Executive Director, Co-Founder
Evan Reis, SE, is the Executive Director of the US Resiliency Council. He graduated from Stanford University in 1988. The following year he was back down on the Farm, helping the University recover from the Loma Prieta Earthquake, as the structural engineer for the retrofit of its most historic buildings, including the Memorial Church and Stanford Art Museum, the first reinforced concrete building built west of the Mississippi. Evan co-founded the USRC in 2011 to educate building stakeholders and the public about the gap between the growing sustainability movement and true resilient design.

The USRC’s mission is to educate, advocate and promote better tools for assessing and communicating building performance in natural disasters, and provide data to make better-informed decisions on owning, renting, leasing and insuring properties, so that market forces will drive the building design, and procurement process toward more resilient building design.