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Charlton Evans

End State Solutions
Founder and Principle Consultant
Charlton has been a direct participant and contributor to the advancement of the aviation industry since he first began flying. His experiences first in civil aviation then in the United States Marine Corps have “firmly instilled a love of aviation, technology and leading teams that make a difference in both.” Charlton has taken his passion and uses it to lead high functioning teams that look to synthesize aviation technology, certification, operations and sound business approaches to produce historic results. The hallmarks of his career, as Evans has stated, include bridging the gap between defense and commercial applications, deeply understanding customer needs, clear communication and successful outcomes. Evans is an expert in UAS applications such as wildland fire, project management, global deployed worldwide operations, process development, program implementation, complex schedule management, functional support, resource management, resource allocation, process integration, aviation operations, unmanned air system, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, tactics, techniques, procedures, DoD contracting, team building, workforce structure management, change management, corporate strategy, business capture, market analysis, cost mitigation, competitor assessment, and proposal development. Charlton has over 25 years of aviation experience; he earned his private pilot’s license when he was 18 years old. Charlton served in VMA-223 as an AV-8B Harrier Attack Pilot in the Marine Corps after graduating from the United States Naval Academy. Charlton holds instrument, commercial, and multi-engine civil ratings in addition to his military type ratings.