Bryan Petit

Senator Maria Cantwell's Office, US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Senior Professional Staff Member
Bryan oversees forestry and wildfire issues for the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources as a Senior Professional Staff Member. This standing Committee is responsible for oversight of the Forest Service and the various Department of the Interior agencies, and in 2015, Senator Maria Cantwell became the ranking member of this Committee. Though Bryan has served in his capacity on the Committee for three years, most of his 19-year career in forestry and fire has been in the field. Bryan has worked as a forester or wildland firefighter in 10 different States, employed by NGOs, Federal agencies, State agencies, a local agency, and the private sector. His positions have ranged from being a prescribed burn boss to an urban forester. Notable highlights include, while working for NRCS, his serving as the team leader for the largest (at least to date) hazardous fuels reduction project in the US and his co-chairing the Forest Area Safety Taskforce collaborative in CA for four years, for which he was awarded the first Joint Chiefs' Partnership Award.